Elegi-emarket.eu webshop offers a wide selection home lights and fans, stylish for both indoor and outdoor use. You will
also find a wide range seasonal products, such as Solar garden lights, Christmas trees with lights and decorative lighting.

Elegi Trading House OÜ (henceforth;ELEGI”).


Ordering and Terms of Use

The online store at http://elegi-emarket.eu follows general terms of trade.

By placing an order, the customer agrees to comply with the delivery terms and conditions valid at the time of ordering.

By placing an order, the customer agrees to comply with legislation, regulation and rules regarding electronic commerce. When placing an order, the customer shall always state his or her real name, postal address, email address and telephone number. The customer is responsible for that the notified information is correct. The online store and the customer shall communicate via telephone and email. The customer agrees to stay reachable by telephone and email in order to receive notifications regarding the order. Any forms of abuse are notified to the authorities. If the service is misused, we reserve the right to discontinue product deliveries.

ELEGI's liability for possible problems occurring in deliveries and for possible product unavailability is only limited to the cancellation of sale and refunding the sale price.

The customer is liable for the use of any product ordered from the online store and agrees to observe possible instructions regarding the operation, maintenance and installation of the product. ELEGI is not liable for consequences arising from erroneous or careless use or misuse of the product.

ELEGI reserves the right to change the contents and prices of the service without notice.

ELEGI shall have the right to cancel the service temporarily if this is necessary in order to perform a technical modification or renewal of the service or due to the installation, modification or servicing of the common telecommunications network. The same applies if legislation or regulation, or orders, instructions or statements by authorities or recommendations by central trade associations require to do so.

Ordered products and handling charges shall be paid when placing the order

Customers outside of pay via Paysera using their Paysera account or Visa, MasterCard credit cards. These payment options are provided by Paysera Lithuania, Client Service Department, Mėnulio st. 7, Vilnius, Working hours: I-V, 9 AM - 5 PM. Support by phone +44 20 80996963.